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Conference Ministers in Mennonite Church USA: You may give the gift of Vision to a new pastor at his or her ordination. Select a back issue from the list below, send us your choice and we will mail the volume to you free of charge (with a subscription offer) to present on the occasion of the ordination.

Send a message with your selection from this list below to

Testimony, Fall 2009
Preaching, Spring 2009
Sexuality, Fall 2008
Suffering, Fall 2007
Reconciling, Spring 2007
Prayer, Fall 2006

Salvation, Spring 2006
Worship, Fall 2005
Scripture, Spring 2005
Power and leadership, Fall 2004
End of Life, Spring 2004
Catechesis, Fall 2003

Beginning of Life, Spring 2003
Confession, Fall 2002

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