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Theme: Spirituality

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Editorial Mary Schertz and Gordon Zerbe
Seeking the headwaters of Mennonite spirituality Nelson Kraybill
A discriminating spirituality Gerald Gerbrandt
A spirituality shaped by the Psalter Perry B. Yoder
Facile spirituality, profound love of God Harry Huebner
Spirituality according to Oprah June Mears Driedger
Christian spirituality: Following the way of Jesus April Yamasaki
Anastatic Anabaptists: Made alive and empowered to preach peaceTom Yoder Neufeld
What is healthy congregational spirituality?
A guide to resources
Marlene Kropf
For the reading table: Reclaiming ancient Christianity Arthur Paul Boers
Review and discussion: Recent studies on Anabaptist spirituality John J. Friesen

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