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Volume 10 Number 1


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Theme: Preaching

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EditorialDan Epp-Tiessen
The preached sermon as a happening of the gospel

Allan Rudy-Froese

Preaching as God's eventPaul Scott Wilson
Can I get a witness?

Thomas G. Long

Tapping the potential of biblical preachingRyan Ahlgrim
The sermon as fulcrum: The role of preaching in worship June Alliman Yoder
Igniting imaginations with narrative preaching

Renee Sauder

Take, bless, break: A sermon on Luke 9:10-17 Michele Rizoli
Navigating with a new map: Preaching for youth and young adultsMichele Hershberger
Christmas is good news, isn't it? A sermon

Dan Epp-Tiessen

Preaching and pastoral care

John H. Neufeld

"Not hearers only": Preaching invitationallyDennis R. Edwards

Keeping preaching fresh over the long haul

Don Rempel Boschman

Book reviews  
In Other Words: Incarnational Translation for Preaching, by Charles H. Cosgrove and W. Dow EdgertonJoanne Gallardo
The Preacher as Storyteller: The Power of Narrative in the Pulpit, by Austin B. TuckerRosanna McFadden
Psalms, by James H. WaltnerRon Guengerich

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