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Volume 11 Number 1


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Theme: Unity and Diversity

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EditorialDan Epp-Tiessen
The dream: One multiethnic church; A sermon on Colossians 1:21-17

Steve Heinrichs

"That they may all be one": Diversity and unity within the ministry of JesusDorothy Jean Weaver
The one and the many, the part and the all: Unity and diversity in the Messiah's body politic

Gordon Zerbe

Signposts on the journey toward an antiracist, multicultural church Iris de Leon-Hartshorn
Toward becoming a multicultural churchSamson Lo
Thelma Meade: "I know where I go"; An Aboriginal elder's experience with the church

Deborah Froese

Diversity: Blessing, curse, or call to communion? A reflection on the Mennonite World Conference experience Larry Miller
Unity and diversity in the canon: Implications for the churchLoren L. Johns
Sanctuary: Where we maintain the unity of the Spirit

Nancy Kauffmann

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