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Volume 12 Number 1


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Theme: Idolatry

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Editorial Gordon Matties
Sequencing allegiances: Idolatry and the one God

James E. Brenneman

Fidelity Jean Janzen
The first commandments of the Decalogue and the battles against idolatry in the Old Testament

Waldemar Janzen

Catechism Jean Janzen
Money: Master or servant? J.R. Burkholder
Contemporary images of idolatry

Hippolyto Tshimanga

Paul on idolatry: Finding fruitful fellowship Nancy R. Heisey
The idolatry of the self: Renouncing the religion of Sheilaism

Rebecca Slough

Idolatry in therapy: Dethroning the gods; enthroning God

Delores Friesen

Idolatry and empire

J. Nelson Kraybill

sparrow Sarah Klassen

Advent and idolatry: A sermon

Chris K. Huebner
Resources on idolatry: A review article Justin A Neufeld

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