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Volume 13 Number 1


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Theme: The Holy Spirit and the Christian life

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Editorial Karl Koop
Overcoming Holy Spirit shyness in the life of the church

Cheryl Bridges Johns

Spirit of God! descend upon my heart: A Mennonite minister reflects on the Holy Spirit

Carol Penner

The Holy Spirit in the scriptures

Jon M. Isaak

The Spirit-Paraclete as Jesus’ alter ego in the Fourth Gospel (John 14–16)

V. George Shillington
The Holy Spirit and gender equality: A Latin American perspective
Patricia Urueña Barbosa

Healing and the Holy Spirit: A manifestation of the “already, but not yet” kingdom of God

Cara Pfeiffer

Turning from scripture to Spirit: A sermon on Revelation 1:9–19 for the Sunday before Pentecost

David Driedger

Bread, not stone: Refocusing an Anabaptist vision

C. Arnold Snyder

Learning to trust the Spirit: Lessons in mutual transformation

David B. Miller

The Holy Spirit in the world

Jeremy M. Bergen

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