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Volume 13 Number 2


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Theme: Rethinking discipleship

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Editorial Mary H. Schertz
From radical to missional discipleship

C. Norman Kraus

Crazy. And Christ-like?

Rachel Twigg Boyce

"For you were aliens": Discipleship in loving the other

Jessica Mast

The legacy of Sarah and Abraham: A sermon on Genesis 17 and Romans 4

Paul Keim
"I these were silent, the stones would shout out": Truth commissions and Anabaptism in dialogue Cesar Moya

Three R's of our common discipleship: Rejoicing in recent relations between Lutherans and Mennonites

Kathryn L. Johnson

Becoming unbound

Andre Gingerich Stoner

Learning from Luther on Christian discipleship

Allan Rudy-Froese

Holy experiments in forming disciples: Area church and congregational stories

Ruth Boehm

Talking from the heart, seeing from the heart: Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount--and my dog

Will Streeter

The authority of discipleship: An approach to Dietrich Bonhoeffer's commentary on the Sermon on the Mount Katja Neumann
A Mennonite view of grace Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld

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