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Volume 14 Number 1


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Theme: Upside-down church

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Editorial Irma Fast Dueck
The whole score

Carol Penner

Going back to chruch: A sermon on Matthew 16:13-27

Stuart Blythe

The church: Ark and art of salvation

Gerald J. Mast

Crazy days: The priesthood of all believers revisited

Gerald Gerbrandt
Beyond black and white--and red all over: Finding footholds for ethical biblical interpretation Lori Unger

Unbreakable love

Carol Penner

Getting all wet: Baptism and church membership

Irma Fast Dueck

Vital witness on the rural frontier: Six handles for contextual theology

David Boshart

Church as prayer

Isaac Villegas

God of gardens

Carol Penner

The case for saying no to God Kevin Derksen
A spirit of power: An ordination sermon Dan Epp-Tiessen
Widening the circle of church

Joanna Shenk

Limping to the finish: A sermon on Hebrews 12:1-17 Donita Wiebe-Neufeld
Naming tomorrow's church Carol Penner
Being church: Print and electronic resources for church renewal Arlyn Friesen Epp

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