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Volume 15 Number 2


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Theme: Joy

You may read the editorial and one article by following links.

Editorial Mary H. Schertz
Joy, the energy of present redemption

Chris Marshall

My conversion to joy

Julia Gingrich

Wages of joy

Janet Elaine Guthrie

Leadership and joy: Insights from the Ruth of St. Benedict Abbot John Klassen, OSB

Joy in the jail: Reflections on Acts 16:25-34

Jennifer Davis Sensenig
Inheriting joy: Lessons from ancestors in the faith Korey Dyck

Joy in welcoming he newcomer

Gilberto Pérez

Drawing from deep wells: Joy in the work of justice

Sarah Thompson

Sing my heart joyful art

Carol Ann Weaver

Accounting for joy: A sermon

Anita Yoder Kehr

A letter to readers of Vision

Arlo Frech

Resources for sustaining joy Vision readers

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