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Theme: Confession

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EditorialMary H. Schertz
Lessons from history on the uses of Mennonite confessions of faithKarl Koop
Guiding thoughts for the study of the faith: Reflections from Guatemalan Mennonites
(This html document is the full set of reflections; only selected portions were included in the printed journal.)
Mario Higueros
On racism, Mennonite politics, and liberation
(Words we don't like to hear)
Malinda E. Berry
Confession: The way of transformationMarcus Smucker
The two edges of confessionsAlan Kreider
Transforming the difficult sinner
Rachel Miller Jacobs
For those who want to change the worldAnn Hostetler
The place of confession in restorative justiceJanet P. Schmidt
Paying for our sins: What Mennonites should confess in the wake of 9-11-01Melanie Zuercher
Confessing faith, confronting sinJacob W. Elias
Confession: Restoring trust, repairing the breachMuriel Bechtel
The place of absolution in the service of the Lord's dayCharles Hohenstein and David Tripp
Smoked out into confession's healing lightness
(PDF file)
Michael A. King
Book review
Confession: Doorway to forgiveness, by Jim Forest
Arthur Paul Boers

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