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Theme: Catechesis

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EditorialArthur Paul Boers
What madness possessed you? Catechesis for a new allegiance J. Nelson Kraybill
A towel and water: Rethinking my catechismMatthew Tschetter
The road to the future runs through the past: Reviving an ancient faith journeyRobert E. Webber
"What does this mean?" Biblical reflections on catechesisBen C. Ollenburger
Catechisms in the Mennonite traditionKarl Koop
Why give them stones? Catechesis as imaginative apologeticsA. James Reimer
How do we invite youth to baptism?Mary Lehman Yoder
What's stopping you? Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:25-39Jim Loepp Thiessen
A persistent search: Calling new believers to faithfulnessDale Shenk
Faith Friends: A catechism storyGwen Gustafson-Zook
Let's have a party! A baptismal sermon, with some reflectionsGareth Brandt
Studying the faith with Cuban church leadersTitus Guenther
Spiritual Exercises for strengthening faithRuth Boehm
Book review
God's Story, our story: Exploring Christian faith and life
by Michele Hershberger
Ann Weber Becker
Book review
The dogmatic imaginations: The dynamics of Christian belief
by A. James Reimer
Gayle Gerber Koontz
Book review
Reading is believing: The Christian faith through literature and film
by David S. Cunningham
Arthur Paul Boers

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