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Theme: End of Life

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EditorialDan Epp-Tiessen
The redemption of our bodies: A Pauline primer on resurrection Dorothy Jean Weaver
After a death: Theology and Christian funeral practicesGayle Gerber Koontz
Walking on holy ground: A pastor's theology of funeralsKlaudia Smucker
"I will tell you a mystery": A funeral sermonPaul Dyck
Praise and lament in the face of deathDan Epp-Tiessen
Jesus and the end of life in the synoptic GospelsGary Yamasaki
The winding road of grief: A funeral sermonNorm Dyck
Pastoral reflections on dying wellDorothy Nickel Friesen
Final benedictions Rudy Baergen
A sure thing: Death and eternal life in the Gospel of JohnJo-Ann A. Brant
Love stories: A funeral meditation on 1 John 3:11, 16-24Wanda Roth Amstutz
When my father diedRachel Miller Jacobs
On being stuck with our parents: Learning to die in ChristHarry Huebner
Lost and found together: A funeral sermonBrent Kipfer
Children's books that deal with the end of life: An annotated bibliographyKathryn Meyer Reimer

Book reviews
Revelation, by John R. Yeatts
Jacob W. Elias

Homosexuality: Biblical Interpretation and Moral Discernment, by Willard M Swartley
Helmut Harder


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