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Theme: Scripture

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EditorialMary H. Schertz
Practicing scriptural authority Gerald Gerbrandt
Scripture and tradition: A dilemma for ProtestantsKarl Koop
Canon and canonical scripture interpretationWaldemar Janzen
Making the music of scriptureMary E. Klassen
Planning worship in the shape of scripture Lois H. Siemens
What is the Bible's authority in preaching?June Alliman Yoder
It's all Greek (and Hebrew) to meMary H. Schertz
Using scripture in pastoral careMenno Epp
Respecting scripture's varied voices: How we read a Bible with different views of truthDan Nighswander
Three rooms: God's Story and and my story

Jean Janzen

The word becomes flesh: A sermon on Nehemiah 8:1-12 and Psalm 119:10-16Ruth Preston Schilk

Book reviews
Set Free: A Journey toward Solidarity against Racism,, by Iris de Leon-Hartshorn, Tobin Miller Shearer, and Regina Shands Stoltzfus
Lois H. Siemens

Transforming Congregational Culture, by Anthony B. Robinson
Dana R. Wright


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