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Volume 8 Number 1


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Theme: Reconciling

You may read several articles by following links.

EditorialIrma Fast Dueck
United in Christ: A sermon on John 17Rudy Baergen
Being in communion: Unity amid conflict in the church Betty Pries
Worship and ReconciliationMarva J. Dawn
God's reconciliation work: A spiritual exercise for preachersAllan Rudy-Froese
Matthew 18 revisitedTim Kuepfer
The cookie poem

Jeff Gundy

Forgiveness Joseph Liechty
Through conflict to authentic community: Reconciliation in the congregationNan Cressman
Considering consensus: Is agreement possible?Kerry Strayer
Interfaith friendship as an act of reconciliation

Susan Kennel Harrison

Church apologies and the politics of reconciliation Jeremy M. Bergen

Book reviews:

Preparing Sunday Dinner: A Collaborative Approach to Worship and Preaching, by June Alliman Yoder, Marlene Kropf, and Rebecca Slough
Reviewed by Mary Lehman Yoder

Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors, by Brice H. Balmer
Reviewed by Susan Kennel Harrison


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