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Volume 8 Number 2


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Theme: Suffering

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EditorialGayle Gerber Koontz
How can I keep from singing? Esther Epp-Tiessen
Questions, answers, stories: Speaking of God and sufferingPeter Dula
Making peace with a God who doesn't end sufferingCarolyn Schrock-Shenk
Reconciling suffering and joyWilly Mushagalusa
God's suffering? A challenge for biblicistsGordon Matties
Traversing mountains: Learning about suffering from my African American friends

Mary Thiessen Nation

Renewing the Passion: Freeing the cross for redemption Nekeisha Alexis-Baker
Of suffering, forgiveness, and closure: Reflections on Russian Mennonite experienceHarry Loewen
Rightly remembering a martyr heritageJames C. Juhnke
Communities of grace, joy, and peace? When the church causes suffering

Dorothy Nickel Friesen

Pastoral care and living hopeSamuel Lopez

Walking with men to heal their buried pain

Brice Balmer
The Beatitude pastor Duane Beck
The fox and the hen: A sermon on Luke 13:31-35 Leonard Beechy
When Jesus learned his friend had died (hymn text)
Music for hymn text
Adam Tice
When Job the great was brought to tears (hymn text)Adam Tice

Book reviews

Grief and Sexuality: Life after Losing a Spouse, by Rachel Nafziger Hartzler
by Melissa Miller

Echoes of the Word: Theological Ethics as Rhetorical Practice, by Harry Huebner
by David W. Boshart


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