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Volume 9 Number 2


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Theme: Sexuality

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EditorialMary H. Schertz
Renarrating the gospel of sex: A sermon on 2 Corinthians 5:16-21David W. Boshart
Biblical perspectives on sexualitySteve Schweitzer
Cohabitation: What is at stake?

Sara Wenger Shenk

Sexuality in the weddingGary Harder and Lydia Neufeld Harder
Becoming adult, being sexual: Sexuality on the long road to adulthoodAndy Brubacher Kaethler
Let's talk about sex: What the church owes our youth

Cyneatha Millsaps

After sexual violence: What happens next in the community of grace?Carol Penner
Singleness and sexuality Pauline Steinmann
Opening safe spaceSarah MacDonald
Marriage is words--and affectionate practices: Lessons from Congo on enhancing sex in marriage

Sidonie Swana Tangiza Tenda (Falanga)

The lamp of the body: A sermon on Internet pornographyAndrew Kreider

Book review

The erotic word: Sexuality, spirituality, and the Bible, by David M. Carr
reviewed by Reece Retzlaff


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